Players Are Happy With Casino Rich’s November Promotions

Rich casino offers its members several surprises for the month of November! Each and every event on this long list promises to leave you interested and in love with Rich casino games . Check the event dates and make sure you enter at least one of these adventures.

And since this casino has a habit of providing unmissable promotions and impressive tournaments, we decided to offer you some information regarding what is to come this November:

Tournaments in Abundance

Don’t let your luck slip away and enter the “Highlife” tournament , a tournament that will run for a week, in which players will have the chance to win prizes worth up to $ 10,000!

The next event that you shouldn’t miss is the Cash Vibes Tournament, a fun competition that will take place between November 11th and 17th, in which the first winner will win a grand prize of $ 15,000, the second will receive a prize of $ 10,000 and the third will receive $ 5,000!

Between the 18th and 24th of November the big Black Suits Tournament will take place in the casino, which will give you a unique opportunity to win big prizes that can reach values ​​like 25,000 euros if you are the first winner, 10,000 if you get the second place and , finally, 5,000 for the lucky guy who manages to stay in third place!

The most important event of the month is undoubtedly the “Harvest the Riches” tournament, another event created in an innovative way that will take place between 25th and 30th of November and in which you will be invited to celebrate Thanksgiving in a glamorous way ! Participate in this great event and qualify to win a prize of $ 50,000.

And if you are already interested in participating in some or even all of these offers, know that this casino is constantly offering fun events, such as daily, weekly or monthly tournaments. Everything to make your luck shine.

Start playing now to win!

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